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«Fantasies and obsessions»

My paintings are characterized by young naked figures. Us medium to express my thoughts and my feelings I use the realism way.

I want to paint reality but not the reality which we see outside ourselves. I want to paint the very real feelings and ideas which I experience within myself, so I search for metaphors and symbols to represent the inside reality. The symbols and metaphors may be ordinary things.

Often my human forms are oppression, desperate, trapped in their bodies. Sometimes the paintings tell us about relation domination and submission, or my model can become a heroine by one fairy tale. Another time, one figure hides her identity and gives her the freedom to be what she really wants to be. It is our need to deny our everyday image, and become a different person for a while.

Sometimes the figures just exist alone, in the private protected word.

«A personal insight»

In a world that is always changing, I felt the need to look inside me for things that will support me and help me move forward. . Everything is acquired, possessed or purged through art, all happening in closed spaces, real or imaginary. The viewer is invited to become more than a spectator. Some of the 'figures' might draw him or her inside the paintings. It then becomes a personal choice, one will join in and be part of or if he or she will pass by. Painting becomes a guide and consolation in a life's journey.

Maria   Maragkoudaki